How to add “Existing NFAA Membership” to USAA portal

USAA to NFAA / NFAA to USAA allows you to shared memberships as a reciprocal situation for National or Sectional level tournaments only. This will not work at state level events or lower however (USAA to CBHSAA / NFAA to SAC)

To add “Existing NFAA Membership” to USAA portal

  • using the same credentials you use to login to NFAA portal (, login in to the USAA portal by going to: The login credentials work for all “” sport association subdomains 
  • click “view profile” of the person you want to add the existing membership to
  • Click the “profile” drop down menu and select “Memberships”Click “add membership” button at top of section
  • select option “Existing NFAA Membership” and enter the students existing NFAA member # and requested info then proceed



If you do it correctly it would end up looking similar to mine (see image - highlighted portion only)