What is the California Indoor Archers (aka “the CIA”)?

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) and Adult Archery Program (AAP) options are available under the competitive archery club: The California Indoor Archers  (aka “the CIA”)
The California Indoor Archers (aka: “the CIA”) is a competitive archery club that is officially sanctioned by USA Archery (USAA) and the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) with a primary focus on refining archers and  specifically preparing them for competing at state, regional, national or higher level tournaments.

As the California Indoor Archers (aka “the CIA”) is a actively competitive archery club (not just a social one), all JOAD and AAP members (regardless of group level) must eventually acquire and maintain an active archery association membership in one the following archery associations in order to be able to actively compete with the rest of the club.
Each JOAD or AAP group level is also required to actively compete in a certain number of tournaments each year.  The required competition count is based on their group level

Students must also adhere to the “Absence Advisement Protocol” and correctly submit the “California Indoor Archers Student Absence Advisement Form” as required when missing or having missed a session