Scoring Matrices & Guidelines

Archers use the following scoring matrixes when they are earning their Achievement Award pins and lanyards, either during a pin shoot or during a tournament.

Program Type Must Be acquired during a… Link To Document on USAA
Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Indoor (300 Round)
Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Outdoor (360 Round)
Adult Archery Program (AAP) Indoor (300 Round)
Adult Archery Program (AAP) Outdoor (360 Round)



  1. Archers participating in the Adult Achievement Award Programs will not be asked to re-earn any pins they have already been awarded through the JOAD Achievement Award Program.
  2. Archers should earn pins one at a time, in consecutive order.
  3. Archers progressing through the scoring matrices should use the new scoring guidelines starting with the next pin they are working toward.
  4. If an award level has more than one distance/target size, the club leader will choose what target face to have the archer positioned at based on the skill level and experience of the archer.
  5. To earn an an Olympian Award the archer will be required to shoot the distance and target face that corresponds to their age class at National Events (i.e. U13,U15, U18, U21).
  6. The Achievement Program is not based on gender.

Additional FAQS from USAA

Equipment Specifications For Achievement Program